Specialized Facial

If you don't know which facial is right for your skin type, don't worry! Most facial bookings can accommodate a customized treatment.

The Visage - "Our Signature Facial"

Our signature facial begins with a skin analysis, cleansing and exfoliating, an enzyme treatment to help remove blackheads and blocked pores, aromatherapy steam to stimulate circulation. Plenty of pampering massage and a customized skin mask.

Oxygen Infusion Facial

Experience a rejuvenating oxygen facial by cleansing pores and adding full vitamins combined with theraputic grade hyperbaric oxygen infused into your skin. Will leave you more luminous and hydrated.

Luminous "C&Sea" Facial

Combining a concentration of Vitamin C with freeze dried seaweed, this treatment helps to reduce fine lines, strengthen skins elasticity, and restore a youthful appearance. An excellent facial for dehydrated and mature skin.

Rosacea Sensitive Skin Facial

(Recommended series of 6) This facial has a soothing, healing, strengthening, and deeply hydrating effect on the skin; reducing redness and leaving the skin tight, refreshed, revitalized, and healthy with an exceptional glow. Recommended for sensitive, couperose, rosacea, and acne rosacea.

Acne Facial

A therapeutic treatment that gives specific attention to acne-prone and congested skin. A high frequency is used to break down and destroy the bacteria that causes pimples and breakouts, followed by an oil absorbing mask which reduces inflammation leaves the skin clean and oil free.

Customized Anti-Aging Facial

This facial is designed to target your specific skin's needs.

Teen Clean Facial

Introduce your teens to the benefit of proper skin care. A thorough pore cleansing followed by soothing, calming, mask customized to your teenager's needs. An at-home regiment is discussed.

Men's Skin Fit Facial

Tailored to the specific needs of men's skin challenged by daily shaving, this facial will leave skin visibly refreshed and revitalized.